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Citizen Calibre 8700 Eco

HB15144 - Big Bang 44mm Full Carbon Fiber Gummy Strap Asian 7750 28800vph




Left: V6 factory .

Right: Another factory .



1. Question:Why the surface of the original carbon fiber watch is dull and abrasive, instead of shining?

The carbon fiber and resin composite material is made through mixing carbon fiber cloth and resin. The outermost layer of the surface is a shining resin membrane. After manufacturing the watch, this membrane is easy to be scratched in daily use and will appear apparent scratches affecting the appearance. The carbon fiber and resin composite material of the original watch has been hardened and atomized, thus, the surface looks dull and abrasive, rather than shining. V6 series watches are made from original process; the carbon fiber and resin composite material is hardened and atomized.




2. In order to maintain the consistency and aesthetic of the whole watch appearance, the dial plate, frame and case pattern of the watch are all kept parallel. The V6 series is made strictly in adherence to the original effect. If the case pattern of the watch is different from the dial plate and the watch-frame, it will give people a feeling of chaos which would affect the appearance.


1. Authentic pure carbon fiber watch is compressed by multilayer carbon fiber cloths. There are multilayer patterns through the cross section. The patterns are delicate and uniform in consequence of same internal and external materials.

2. Sandwich carbon fibers are compressed by one layer carbon cloth mixed with multilayer glass fibers. There are often some cracks in consequence of thick and uneven mixed glass fibers. The pattern is in twisty wavy form in consequence of different internal and external materials.

3. Question: Why there will be a sandwich carbon fiber watch? --- The original sandwich carbon fiber watch is made through European advanced technology and consisted of real pure carbon fibers. It is high-cost, artistic and durable, excellent waterproof, which makes it hard to imitate.

4. Domestic manufacturers adopt the technology which using individual layer of carbon fiber sheet mixed with glass fibers to make watch in consequence of technical limits. Glass fiber is cheap, however its disadvantages are crisp, bad wear resistance and easy to process. The watch is bad waterproof because glass fiber layers are porous and easy to have water seepage.

5. V6 series watch is made from pure carbon fibers and contains no glass fibers. The carbon fiber is a kind of new material whose mechanical property is excellent. The Young modulus of carbon fiber is more than three times that of the glass fiber(GF). The tensile strength of carbon fiber and resin composite material is generally over 3500MPa, and 7-9 times that of steel. Therefore, it is hard to process watch accessories with pure carbon fibers which will lead to low process speed, machine wearing and high-cost.


1. The accessories of the watch that are purely made from carbon fiber materials which are uniform and delicate, have a good waterproof performance. The bottom can proof water directly. There’s no need to use the metal bottom for the waterproof. V6 series has the same bottom design with the original one, without double-bottom.

2. The watch bottom is made from sandwich composite materials. As the glass fiber is loose and porous, the bottom needs to add one more metal waterproof layer.


The bottom of the watch which is purely made from carbon fiber materials. The bottom pattern of the watch is uniform and delicate, with good waterproof performance. If the bottom is adulterated with glass fiber, its patterns will be messy and thick. Because the glass fiber is thick with many crannies which lacks waterproof function, it needs to add the metal bottom for waterproof.



MOVEMENT:  Asia Valjoux 7750 Automatic Working Chronograph (28,800 bph)



DIAL COLOR: Black CF Dial,  With Red Stick Markers

CASE MATERIAL:  Full matte carbon fiber case (Swiss Quality)

BRACELET:   Gummy Strap

FRONT GLASS:   Sapphire crystal with AR coating

OTHER: Water Resistant

BEZEL: Full matte carbon fiber case


DATE INDICATOR: At 4:30 position 


Water Resistant 
Seconds subdial at 9:00 (sweeping seconds)
Pusher button at 2:00 starts/stops chronograph
Pusher button at 4:00 reset chronograph

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